The Singapore Economic Development Council announced on the 26th that after preliminary calculation, Singapore’s manufacturing output increased by 16.3% year-on-year in July, while after recalculation, Singapore’s manufacturing output increased by 28% year-on-year in June and 27% in May.In July, the output of Singapore’s electronics industry cluster increased by 1.5% year-on-year,Continue Reading

A residential building in Florida collapsed on the 24th. According to the latest news of CNN on the 30th, Israeli commanders assisting in the rescue said that more bodies have been found in the past few hours.According to the report, Golan wahh, the head of Israel’s national rescue force, toldContinue Reading

Under the COVID-19, the traditional summer tourism season in Europe is coming again. Although the “new crown pass”, which aims to promote the safe and free movement of citizens of EU member states in the EU, will come into full force in the EU, in the face of the fierceContinue Reading

The Spanish ruling party (PSOE) has proposed a non legal proposal to introduce a national digital currency to cope with the decrease in the use of real cash, according to the Spanish economist.The proposal believes that the new payment trend will lead to the privatization and danger of money, whichContinue Reading

Tokyo / Washington, June 29 (Kyodo News Agency) – the U.S. government is considering sending first lady Jill Biden to Japan for next month’s Tokyo Olympic Games, a diplomat said Tuesday, adding that she may attend the opening ceremony.White House spokesman Jean psaki said at a news conference Monday thatContinue Reading

The strike in the Canadian nickel mining town of vale, the global mining leader, triggered the price of nickel materials in North America to reach a two-year high. In addition, the nickel inventory of London exchange (LME) has dropped to a new low in more than a year, which ledContinue Reading