Reinhard clue and other economists wrote in their reports to clients that the easing of epidemic prevention restrictions will lead to the rebound of the euro area economy in the second and third quarters, which is “stronger” than previously expected; The economic contraction in the first quarter was not asContinue Reading

The Spanish ruling party (PSOE) has proposed a non legal proposal to introduce a national digital currency to cope with the decrease in the use of real cash, according to the Spanish economist.The proposal believes that the new payment trend will lead to the privatization and danger of money, whichContinue Reading

1. Acid sinter: The sinter with alkalinity (cao/sio2) less than 0.5 is sintered by sintering iron concentrate or rich ore powder without or less flux. Its iron bearing minerals are magnetite and hematite, and the main binding phase minerals are ferroolivine (2FeO SiO2) and cafeosio2. The natural pulverization of theContinue Reading