Peru’s mining production showed a strong recovery, zinc increased by 41% in April

According to bnamerica, Peru’s mining production is showing a strong recovery.
Data from Peru’s Ministry of energy and mines show that compared with the same period last year, which was seriously affected by the epidemic, the country’s copper production increased by 10%, silver by 25%, lead by 15% and molybdenum by 15% in the first four months.
In April, tin production increased by 76%, iron ore (1115, – 42.50, – 3.67%) by 58%, and zinc by 41%.
The main reason for the increase of iron ore output is that the production of Shougang’s MITI and Shouxin return to normal.
The rebound in zinc production was mainly due to the growth of nexa resources, Catalina Huanca Sociedad minera, Antamina and Volcan.
Peru’s copper, zinc, silver and molybdenum will account for 10.7%, 10.8%, 11.4% and 10.9% of the world’s total output in 2020, according to the Ministry of energy and mining.

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