Biden’s wife will attend Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony?

Tokyo / Washington, June 29 (Kyodo News Agency) – the U.S. government is considering sending first lady Jill Biden to Japan for next month’s Tokyo Olympic Games, a diplomat said Tuesday, adding that she may attend the opening ceremony.
White House spokesman Jean psaki said at a news conference Monday that Biden did not plan to attend the Tokyo Olympics, but did not disclose who would lead the U.S. delegation. “We’re going to form a U.S. delegation, as we have always done,” she said
According to the report, the first lady’s visit to Japan is likely to highlight the close relationship between the United States and Japan.
Biden is always reiterating his support for Japan’s “safe and secure” Tokyo Olympic Games when people are worried about the fact that COVID-19 is not fully under control.
According to the report, among world leaders, the French government has made it clear that French President Nicolas macarone will attend the opening ceremony on July 23.

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