Us rare earth CEO: Biden’s metal import plan for electric vehicles “not feasible”

Pini Althaus, chief executive of rare earth in the United States, opposes Biden’s plan to rely on other countries to produce metals for technology made in the United States, saying there is no provision to organize other countries to sell metals to China.
Pini Althaus believes that the US government cannot assume that rare earth producers other than the US will sell these materials to the US supply chain. They are free to sell it wherever they want, including China, Japan, the European Union. The U.S. government itself does not have the equipment like China to buy rare earths on behalf of companies around the world. Therefore, relying on countries or companies not in the United States to provide rare earth and key minerals to the United States is not a feasible way. The United States does need to work with countries like Canada and Australia, but it cannot rely on them. They don’t have laws that prohibit the sale of materials to China.
Pini Althaus pointed out that now, the United States may start and run some rare earth projects in the next five years or so. If it wants to expand it to lithium projects, it will not make the United States completely independent of China, but it will at least change from 100% dependence to 90% or 80%. This dependency will be reduced to 50% as more projects start and run in the foreseeable future. He believes that the United States needs some rare earth projects, some lithium projects, and even needs to start and run copper projects if it wants to enter electric vehicles and other application fields.

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