UEFA asked players to stop removing Coca Cola and other sponsor products

UEFA confirmed on Thursday that it has communicated with 24 teams to ask players not to move the products of Coca Cola, Heineken and other sponsors out of the camera area when they attend the press conference.
Martin Kallen, the tournament director of the current European Cup, said he had communicated with the relevant teams on this issue and stressed that the revenue from these sponsors is important for the tournament and European football.
The wind started when Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo took away two bottles of Coca Cola in front of reporters and used the same brand of purified water to replace them at a news conference on Monday. Subsequently, the capital market will also be related to the decline in the share price of related companies. On Wednesday, Italian player rocately repeated his move to “remove coke” at a news conference to beat Switzerland.
Heineken, another sponsor, is more embarrassed than Coca Cola. Bogba, who won the best player in the “German French war”, did not drink because of his religious belief, and quietly took Heineken’s iconic beer bottle out of sight at the press conference. In this regard, UEFA also confirmed that it would not violate the religious beliefs of the players. The media managers of 11 stadiums have been informed to remove the beer bottles in advance when the players with relevant beliefs attend.
Coca Cola and Heineken are both one of the 12 top sponsors of this European Cup. Although UEFA has not disclosed how much money the sponsors have given, they are bound to occupy a large share of the total revenue of nearly 2 billion euros. As a reference, 10 top sponsors paid a total of 483 million euros for the 2016 European Cup in France.
Although UEFA has been accused of “opaque accounts”, there is no doubt that teams and players can get a share of the sponsorship fee. In this European Cup, 24 football associations will share a total of 371 million euro prize pool, which is usually used to pay players’ bonuses. In the case of a complete victory in the group stage, the champion team can win up to 34 million euros. In addition, hundreds of football clubs around the world can share at least 200 million euros in fees for allowing players to play.


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